‘GORGING’ Now AVAILABLE For DownloadApril 16, 2014


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Los Angeles, CA – GORGING is now available for digital download at www.GORGINGmovie.com. Exploring the wildly-unique recreational sport of canyoneering (as featured in the film ‘127 Hours’) GORGING follows Steve Cabourne, an enthusiastic weekend warrior from Los Angeles, as he advances his skills and embarks on exceedingly dangerous canyon adventures.

Canyoneering is the sport of exploring canyons by means of hiking, swimming, climbing and rappelling. Relatively unknown, the sport was ripped from obscurity when news broke of a grisly accident involving Aron Ralston, who severed his arm while trapped in a canyon. Experiencing an overnight spike in popularity, with participants of all skill levels, the sport witnessed a relentless increase in accidents and deaths.

Gorging features a rich cast of characters and canyoneering gurus, including Rich Carlson, a professional canyoneering guide and instructor who is considered to be the ‘Father of American Technical Canyoneering.’ Michael Kelsey is the eccentric and aging Guidebook Author whose controversial books introduce once-secret canyons to the general hiking public. Dennis Turville – the ‘Pioneer’ – was among the first to make technical descents into canyons 30 years ago. Today Dennis stands sentinel as he watches his favorite canyons become inundated by the masses.

“Despite finding myself in life-threatening situations along the way, producing GORGING has been an extremely satisfying endeavor. The icing on the cake will be to finally get the film out there for digital download,” says action-sports commercial and network television director, Brian Olliver, Founder of DFS Films and Director of GORGING. “Until now, attending screenings and buying DVDs have been the only way to view the film, but now a high quality version, featuring the most wildly beautiful canyon terrain in pristine HD, is available instantly.”

Olliver is based in Los Angeles and is best known for producing documentary-style sports content on Fox Sports – including the series “Firsthand” and “Environmentally Challenged”.


About DFS Films
DFS is a boutique production company based in Los Angeles that develops narrative, commercial and digital content. Clients of note include 7-Eleven, Toyota, Mountain Dew – Pepsi Co., Nascar and FUEL TV – Fox Sports. For more information, visit www.DFSfilms.com

About the Filmmakers // Director & Producer
Graduating from New York University, Brian Olliver made a beeline for Utah’s snow-capped Mountains. After an immensely satisfying year immersed in the ski bum-lifestyle, he reluctantly went to work as a freelance filmmaker directing and producing action sports videos. In 2004, Olliver was tapped to join Fuel TV (Fox Network Group) where he continued to produce action sport content for television while overseeing production on the network’s signature series, “Firsthand”. Olliver eventually began taking on short-form projects, including producing and directing commercial spots. While working with clients like Pepsi and Toyota, he continued to blend the sensibilities of core action sports with mainstream appeal.
GORGING is Brian Olliver’s first feature-length film.

About the Music // Composer – Greg Reeves
Greg Reeves is a Los Angeles-based composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, composing in a wide array of genres, and unique hybrids, using today’s technology to full effect. He has composed music for Universal, Fox, A&E, Fuel TV, MTV, Food Network, and others, in styles ranging from electronic to orchestral, punk to ambient, indie rock to Americana, and beyond. Commercial work includes Nike, Converse, MasterCard, Miller, Chevy, Land Rover, and Coca-Cola. Included in an impressive list of music adventures, Reeves remixed Bob Marley, creating interactive soundscapes for international art festivals and galleries, toured with the Dead Kennedys playing bass, scored symphonic music for the Australian national elections, and more.