Notes from Gregory ReevesFebruary 21, 2013

Note’s from Gorging’s Music Composer, Gregory Reeves:

Regarding “Gorging”: “I was really excited from the get-go when I heard the kind of music Brian had temp’d in. Electronic music is a big focus of mine, from ambient to dance to really experimental stuff, and I was thrilled to try juxtaposing a purely electronic score against all the natural beauty we see in the film. Not just the big ambient panoramas you might expect, but also micro/glitch kind of things to speak to the minutiae and immediacy of the sport and environment, and some retro vibes to fit parts of the character’s stories. One technique I used was taking the location audio and plucking out various sounds and making “instruments” out of them. There’s a lot of crunching, clanging, and scraping going on in this sport, as well as tension and release, and I wanted the music to evoke that.”